Post Transfer and the 2 week wait countdown

Well,  we are back home from New York.  Transfer was on Friday 2/17/17.  We ended up having 7 high quality embryos and after discussing our history and previous attempts, we decided, with the doctor’s approval, to transfer 3 embryos and freeze the other 4.

Having been through this process before, I have tried to prepare myself and decide up front what I would and wouldn’t do.


  • Stay Positive
  • Eat Healthy
  • Stay Busy
  • Take It Easy
  • Walk Daily
  • Write About My Feelings/Experiences
  • Allow Myself To Picture The Happy Ending
  • Keep My Meds Organized
  • Ease Myself Back Into My Work


  • Symptom Check
  • Consult Dr. Google
  • Stress Out
  • Prepare For The Negative
  • Give Up
  • Be Too Hard On Myself When I Break My List Of Do’s And Don’ts

The thing is, all of this is easier said than done.  But, I am committed to trying.  I have decided to try and keep track of my “symptoms” on a daily basis, but the medications and extra scrutiny of oneself makes this tricky and misleading.  Regardless, here is an update through today:

1dp3dt: Gassy, bloated, tired and still sore from retrieval

2dp3dt: Tight feeling in stomach, gassy, bloated, sore boobs, night sweats

3dp3dt:  Sharp pain when getting out of bed this morning in stomach, sore boobs, bloated, tired, a headache, and a pink tint when wiping today (though this could be from the progesterone caplets that are “orangish” in color

None of these symptoms are any different from previous attempts, which all resulted in a negative, but I wanted to document them on a daily basis.  I am hoping and praying that this is the one- that our dreams will finally come true.

Although I dread the two week wait, I cherish the first few days of the process.  It is the only time  that I am “pregnant until proven otherwise” and those first few days I allow myself to picture the best possible outcome.  I am working on keeping this attitude longer throughout the two week wait, believing that some day this positive outcome will become the reality!  In the past, my realism takes over my optimism at about 7 days past 3 day transfer.

This time, one day at a time is my motto.  And today, I am happy.  I am optimistic.  I am picturing life with Baby C!



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