IVF Retrieval Day and Results

unknownAfter some consistent monitoring at a clinic in Michigan, our doctors in New York gave us the go ahead to fly on out to continue our IVF process.  We had an ultrasound done here (NY), administered the Neupogen infusion and were scheduled for retrieval yesterday 2/15/17.  Although I have been through this process before, it didn’t make it any easier- emotionally or physically.  I worry about the craziest things:  not waking up from the anesthesia, something drastically going wrong, blood clots:  you name it.  But more than anything I worried that we would not have any viable candidates.

Upon waking up I was notified that 21 eggs were retrieved:  21!  Fantastic!  But the worry doesn’t stop there.  The next step was to wait until the next day to see how many were mature and how many fertilized.  On our past experience we had good results:  18 eggs, 15 mature, and 11 fertilized.  So with 21 my expectations were high.

The call today did not bring the news that I was anticipating:  21 eggs, 9 were mature, and 7 fertilized.  So less than the last time….  On one hand I am thankful and relieved that we have some chances, but at the same time I can’t help but be disappointed.  Even with 11 fertilized eggs last go round, none of the embryos stuck.

We have some new information involving some autoimmune concerns leading to rejection of embryos that we have been treating, so I am hopeful that the outcome will be different than before.  I am trying to stay positive and keeping my hopes up, but this whole process can beat you down.

One step at a time:  One day at a time.  We will know more on Friday, the day the transfer is scheduled for.  Until then, I will enjoy my get away with my husband and try to make the most of the time here in the city.

I’m a country girl at heart, but Baby C, whenever you arrive, you were made in the city…..

Patiently Waiting,





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