On the Emotional Rollercoaster: Thanks IVF Meds


Day 2 of IVF Stim meds.  To say that I have been a mess is an understatement!  I can’t stop sobbing.- At everything!  I will get emotional, begin crying and then just look at my husband and laugh through the tears at how ridiculous I am being.  I have been through this before, but I forgot just how hormonal I can be!  Thank goodness for my loving and understanding husband.  It will only get worse before it gets better!

The shots are not so bad, they are small needles and administered in the stomach.  I can give them to myself without assistance.  Later in the cycle the shots get more complicated:  Bigger needles and placement in the buttocks which requires assistance.  I remember being so scared of the shots the first go round, but now keeping the timing of them straight is the hardest part.  Setting alarms for reminders and keeping the meds organized is the key to success.

There is a mix of excitement, anticipation, and fear.  I am grasping to hold onto the hope and fight off the fear as much as possible.  Although the steps of the process become more familiar and don’t seem as scary, the emotional toll is the same each time.

My choice is to embrace the process, hold on to the hope as long as possible and appreciate all of the positives I have in my life.  One day one of those positives just might end up on a little white stick!

You are worth the wait Baby C!



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