The Estrogen is Flowing and the Countdown Begins


It has been a while since my husband and I went through a full fresh IVF cycle: One year and 4 months to be exact.  We were lucky to have gotten 11 high quality embryos on our last fresh cycle.  Unfortunately, that is where our luck ended.

So now here we are, back at it again.  The first time everything was so new and so scary.  This time around, I have an eery sense of calmness about me.  – That is until the hormones kick in!  The process has just begun and I am already an emotional mess!  The estrogen is flowing and so are the tears.  My dear husband, he handles it like a champ!  Keeping his cool, dealing with my mood swings, and making me laugh.

Current state is cycle day 32, and my 8th day on Climara patches.  Hopefully I start in the next few days and we can move on to the next phase: Ovarian stimulation.  By my calculations, we should be in New York for retrieval around Valentine’s Day.  In the past year and 4 months we have made 5 trips to New York and experienced the city during every season.  I’m a country girl and the excitement of the city has worn thin.  But I am optimistic that this will be the one.  I have to be, because if doubt and fear take over, the next month will be unbearable.

Though the journey is one of familiarity, our final destination will be authentic and incredible!  We will not give up, Baby C!



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