We’re All Waiting


As I sit here in anticipation of my first doctor’s appointment to start our upcoming cycle, I am reflecting on all we have gone through thus far as a family.  Our little family: myself, Bill, Goldie (not pictured), and our Darcie Jane.  One thing that Bill and I decided was that we were NOT going to let this process suck the life out of us.  Staying positive hasn’t always been easy, but keeping a smile on each other’s faces has always been the goal.  We are in this together.  We revel in anticipation of what can be, we grieve together when we receive negative results, and we remind each other to remember the great aspects of our lives.  We are making memories to share with our baby when he/she arrives.  We will continue to smile, and laugh, and cry, and truly LIVE life.  But, we’re all waiting.  Waiting to meet our precious gift. Waiting to hold our dream in our arms.  Waiting to make even more memories.  Patience is not something that comes easy to me, but I am learning.  We are positive and confident and happy with life.  Baby C, you are loved more than you could ever imagine.  And when you finally arrive the joy you will bring to this world is indescribable!  You have a posse just waiting for you.  So, Baby C, just remember:  WE’RE ALL WAITING!


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