Here we go again.  Unfortunately, our 11 excellent quality embryos were not our precious baby.  For over a year we have been partaking in FET (Frozen Embryo Transfers), with no luck.  It appears on top of my diminished ovarian reserve, we are also dealing with auto immune issues.  My body is basically fighting of the embryos.  Hearing this makes my heart ache.  It is my own body keeping us from our dream…..

When the last embryos failed to implant, we were forced with a decision – Try another full IVF or go straight to adoption.  Discussing the options with our doctor, whom I am extremely fond of, we have decided to attempt another cycle, implementing some additional medications in an effort to deal with the autoimmune issue more aggressively.  I have been on some medication, Plaquenil, for almost 2 months in an effort to control my immune system.  We will also be trying another IVIG as part of the protocol.  I am optimistic, yet nervous.  The hope keeps me going, but I don’t know how many more blows I can take.  Every negative result rips away a piece of my heart.

It is hard for others to understand our situation and their quick judgement of our situation can be frustrating.  What I have learned in this 3+ year journey is that the every couple will approach their situation differently, which is what they should do.  Every couple’s situation is unique to them.  My advice to anyone going through this is stay strong for each other, be honest with your feelings, and don’t let anyone make the decision for you.  You are stronger than you think you are!




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  1. I also have diminished ovarian reserve and I understand what you mean when you say it’s hard for others to understand. Infertility can be such a lonely journey. Especially when you have a complex diagnosis. I hope you have success soon.

    We have thought about going to the New York clinic. It would be quite expensive for us, as we live in Canada. Have you had a good experience there?


    1. Hi there! DOR is a tough diagnosis, my thoughts are with you. CHR in NY has been wonderful for us, but you are right on it being pricey. We are from Michigan and it has been quite a challenge on financing our trips/cycles. The doctors really know there stuff. Communication can at times seem hurried, but I always felt that they were looking at my case uniquely. I was told by a doctor in Michigan that I would never get pregnant with my own eggs. As of today I can officially say that he was wrong. We just got the call: BFP : )
      Long road ahead, but I truly don’t think it would have been possible to get this far without the docs at CHR. Best of luck to you on your journey.

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