It’s been a while


A lot of time has gone by since I’ve checked in. Life seems to go so fast and we sometimes put off the things that give us the most joy. I love writing. I love getting my feelings down on paper (or a screen). I enjoy this blog, but finding time to reflect gets harder and harder. Commitment must be made on my part! Enough ranting.

Our visits with the NY fertility specialist have been bitter-sweet. After being told by my previous doctor that I had very few eggs left and that the quality was poor, we had low expectations for improved chances and changes. However, our IVF with the NY doctor resulted in Excellent egg results. We had 18 eggs retrieved (My first ivf had 6), 15 fertilized (my first had 3) and 11 of the embryos continued to grow (my first had 1). We transferred two high quality embryos and froze the other 9 and hoped for the best. The best did not come. Negative result. My heart sunk. I had let down my husband again. I was devastated. But, I bounced back up. We have 9 frozen babies waiting for us!!! 9 more chances!!!! The doctor said that 8 of our 9 frozen embryos are top quality and he is confident we can get a positive result.

I have a resiliency. I will not stay down for long. When a problem or setback occurs I have always felt the emotions of the situation: Hard. But then I move on. I ask what is next? What can I do? Don’t look back, go forward. In short, I use Meyer Power. A power few possess. A power passed on from my dad. A power that can’t be taken away. I am thankful everyday for the grit that my mom and dad instilled in me. It is what gets me through, allows me to hold my head high, and stay positive.

At least one of those ice babies has it too. I know it. At least one will survive the freeze, the thaw, and make a lovely home in my belly. Meyer Power is passed on generation to generation and it WILL survive.

I have the greatest husband in the world. He will make a fantastic daddy. Our next cycle is in December. We are vacationing on a sunny island in November. We will enjoy our time together, relax, and focus on each other. Our babies will wait patiently in their frozen home. Until then babies, let our love keep you warm…….


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