Bad news doesn’t have to result in a Bad Attitude

th-1A few days ago my husband and I received some good news that there is a doctor in New York, who thinks they can help us with our struggles.  After two years of treatments ending with a very dire estimation of successful pregnancy from our current doctor, we were ecstatic to have some hope!  We have our first “Skype appointment” with the doctor in two weeks!  I made the call to the insurance company to find out what I had to do to get the referral coverage, since no doctor’s around the area can help, only to be told:  NO COVERAGE OUTSIDE OF THE STATE!!!!

WHAT?   We finally find someone who can HELP and we are told NO!!!!  DEVASTATING.  I let out a long cry, felt the fury building up inside me and:  STOPPED.  I took a deep breath.  It’s going to be okay.  It will work out.  Financially we have our struggles but we want nothing more than a baby.  We will find a way.  We will do whatever it takes.  I will not let this get me down.  We found a possible solution and the insurance company is not going to stop us.  The decision from the insurance company was not what we wanted to here, but the possible solution is what is keeping me positive!  STAY POSITIVE!


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