Getting Started

images-6After I made the decision to quit my corporate career, I was left with the freedom to choose which direction I would head.  I had no plans, no idea of what I wanted to do, I knew I just wanted to be happier and be less stressed.  I had a husband that supported me in whatever decision I made.  He too just wanted me to do what was going to make me smile.  (I told you he was great!)  This type of life freedom is exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time.  I felt like a kid in a candy store being enticed in every direction.  Here is a list of the paths I considered, some I still have in consideration, because if I am really honest with myself I still haven’t quite figured it out!

  1. Day spa owner
  2. Gift shop owner
  3. Clothing Boutique owner
  4. Writer (books, articles, etc.)
  5. Small business consultant
  6. Motivational speaker
  7. Teacher
  8. Direct Marketing
  9. Party Planner
  10. Trophy Wife (HA!  Just Kidding)
  11. Real Estate Agent
  12. House Flipper

WOW!  Just writing this list again gets me all excited!  I guess what I am saying is that these are the types of activities that get my engine going.  I am currently pursuing a master’s degree, which is giving more time to figure out which direction I will choose.  One thing that was not on the list, because it was a given, was becoming a mother.  I have not been successful with this goal as of yet.  After trying unsuccessfully medications, shots, and in vitro, we are now reaching out to a specialist in NYC for a second opinion on our diagnosis of Diminished Ovarian Reserve.  Our options are still ample; possibility of another IVF, donor eggs, adoption.  Bill and I are not opposed to any of these options.  Our push towards a “natural” pregnancy comes from the fact that we are both only children (kinda: I do have an adopted brother that means the WORLD to me: talking DNA only here) and that both of Bill’s parents and my father have passed.  We look at it as the possibility of our “family lines” ending with us.  We know that blood is not what makes family.  The fact that my baby brother and our baby dog (Darcie Jane) are my LIFE can attest to this.  It is just emotional to think that the only option of there being another person part my mom and dad is us having a child with my eggs.  (Bill’s sperm is a-ok so we do have donor egg options to carry on his family : )

Dealing with this hardship has only made us stronger.  We know we will be parents, we are just taking some time to figure out how that will look.  As we figure it out, we continue to CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!


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